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   November 2018   
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About Pastor Daniel Johnson and the Eurasia Mission

Rev. Daniel Johnson, working under the LCMS Office of Church Relations, serves the Lord as a missionary in Eurasia, where he works to strengthen the Lutheran Church in Siberia and the Baltic countries. Daniel acts as the liaison between The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC). In this role, he assists in developing sustainable Lutheran church bodies in his areas of responsibility. He also helps create catechetical and pastoral care resources, as well as providing instruction and pastoral care as requested by LCMS partner churches.
Daniel is originally from Grandview, Mo., but now calls Marshalltown, Iowa, home. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science from West Texas State University in Canyon and his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.  He and his wife Amy are members of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Marshalltown, where Daniel served as senior pastor from 1993 until 2012. During these years, God was preparing Daniel for his future work in Eurasia as he served the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society first as newsletter editor and later as president.   To make a donation to his mission work click on this link: https://www.lcms.org/givenow/revjohnson

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 Pastor Johnson's Newsletters                              

Christmas Greetings:

Dear supporters of the Lutheran mission in Siberia;

I forward to you the Christmas greetings from Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC), and photos of the Christmas liturgy at the parish of St. Andrew, in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Peace to you dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

May we bring to your attention the words of greetings from the Christmas Address of our Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin that was read in the parishes of Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church during the Christmas liturgy.

Brothers and Sisters,

The Feast of the Nativity - one of the most Church of holidays.

I emphasize the word “Church.”  Because real Christmas is impossible without the Church.

We come here, like the shepherds, who hurried to the manger of Bethlehem and like the Magi who followed the guiding star, and we find here the incarnate God.

It is impossible to find Christ, bypassing the Church. You cannot be saved without the Church.  Here, there is the font from which, together with the Holy Spirit, the water of baptism is poured out upon us. Here you get the forgiveness of sins and you hear the Word of God, “full of grace and truth.”

Here the Eucharist is celebrated - the main sacrament of God’s presence on earth.

My beloved parishioners, I congratulate you on this Christmas and approaching New Year.  Let the coming year be better than the outgoing.  It is my prayer that this year brings your life less suffering and misery, but more joy and the Church.

We wish you all God’s blessings during this holy time of Christmas!
“Faith and Hope”

Here are some photos from the Christmas service in the parish of St. Andrew in Novosibirsk:




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To learn more about the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC), you may go to the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS) website:  http://www.siberianlutheranmissions.org

Donations may be sent to the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society by our online Facebook giving page: http://www.siberianlutheranmissions.org/how-to-help

Checks may also be sent to:

Siberian Lutheran Mission Society

c/o Ascension Lutheran Church

8811 St. Joe Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Please note: The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society is a 501(c)(3) organization.

“One hundred percent of all financial donations go directly to the field to support the work of your Siberian Lutheran brothers and sisters.  No funds are used for administration or overhead of the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society.”

The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society is a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). 

Click here for the November/December 2016 Newsletter

Dear supporters of Eurasian missions!

Greetings from Marshalltown, Iowa!

I have been home in Iowa since Thanksgiving, writing travel reports, preparing for upcoming seminars while visiting donors and congregations.

I thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial gifts. 

Please note, the process of contributing to my work in Eurasia has changed. I now have an online giving page:  https://www.lcms.org/givenow/revjohnson

If you prefer to give toward seminars and special church relations projects, donations may also be sent by check to Dr. Albert Collver’s office at the LCMS International Center.

The address is:

Dr. Albert Collver

Church Relations

1333 S. Kirkwood Road 

St. Louis, MO 63122-7226 

Please place in the memo: “Rev. Daniel S. Johnson – Church Relations

My November/December 2016 newsletter...outlines the history and current focus of the advanced pastoral education seminars held in Odessa, Ukraine for the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (DELKU).  

I pray you have a blessed Adventide and joyous Christmas Festival!



Click here for the October 2016 Newsletter

Dear supporter of Eurasian missions;

Greetings from Marshalltown, Iowa!

Though I have transferred from Office of International Mission (OIM) to Church Relations (CR), I remain funded through the synod’s Network Support Model (NSM).  Therefore, my CR work in Eurasia remains dependent on support from congregations and individuals who generously contribute to my NSM account.  Therefore, I thank you for your prayers and financial gifts!

To continue to support my work in Eurasia you may visit the following website maintained by the LCMS:  https://www.lcms.org/givenow/revjohnson

I have just returned from a 25-day journey to Lithuania, Latvia and Wittenberg, Germany and prepare for a two-week trip to Odessa, Ukraine and Germany in November.

The attached newsletter provides a summary of my most recent work in Eurasia.



July/August 2016

Dear supporters of Eurasia missions!

Greetings from Novosibirsk (Siberia)!

On July 29, I flew to Novosibirsk (Siberia) for the annual theological summer seminars.  After a week in Novosibirsk, at a retreat center reserved for the seminars, Dr. Albert Collver (Director of LCMS Church Relations) and I traveled to Riga, Latvia to participate in the consecration of a bishop. We were there to represent the LCMS President’s Office.  Dr. Collver then traveled on to Ukraine, as I returned to Siberia to travel with Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin on his episcopal visits.  On Monday, 15 August, I fly to Germany and then on to Pittsburgh, PA on Wednesday, 17 August, where I am scheduled to preach at Grace Lutheran Church – Penn Hills, PA.

Attached is a link of a video summarizing the current work the Office of Church Relations is doing in Siberia, Latvia and Ukraine:   https://youtu.be/bouDkuuUhME

I am scheduled to return to Ukraine in early September to attend the DELKU (German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine) Synod meeting.  Bishop Mascheweski has also invited me to return to Odessa, Ukraine to conduct some seminars, speaking on topics of pastoral care, tentatively scheduled in early November.  I will then travel to Lithuania, Latvia and Germany from mid-September until mid-October.

Please take time to view the video of my current trip to Siberia and Latvia, given in the link.  The background music in the video s from the choir which sung during the procession of clergy at the consecration of the bishop in Riga.  Your response to the video is welcome.

As mentioned in an earlier letter, I have been transferred from The Office of International Mission to serve as area representative for LCMS Church Relations.  Though I am no longer eligible to receive TIM donations (because TIM is exclusively a funding project for OIM missionaries), I am still funded through a NSM model, where I raise my ongoing funding through donors like you. My travels require funding.  So I am very appreciative of the donations you send on a regular basis.

I thank you for your continuing support by way of prayer and monetary gifts.  A new website has been posted for your reference on how to continue to donate to my church relations work in Eurasia:  https://www.lcms.org/givenow/revjohnson



Click here for the June 2016 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson writes:

Dear supporters of the Baltic and Siberian mission;

Greetings from Marshalltown, IA!

I just arrived home from a trip to Riga, Latvia as the LCMS representative to the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia (ELCL), and hosted Doxology advanced pastoral education seminars in Saldus, Latvia and in Palanga, Lithuania.

The ELCL Synod was very interesting.  I will reprint an edited version of my “Report of the Latvian Synod” in my attached monthly newsletter.

Of interest to you as a supporter by means of both prayer and financial gifts, is my pending change of status with the Office of International Mission (OIM).  On July 1, 2016, I will officially be transferred to the Office of Church Relations (CR).  My work will not substantially change from what I have been doing with the OIM.  I will still conduct catechetical seminars with our partner churches in Siberia, the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania and Central Asia countries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.  I will also be given responsibility for the catechetical seminars to be held in Odessa, Ukraine and in other developing areas related to matters of church fellowship.  In addition to my catechetical responsibilities which I currently hold, I will be given responsibilities to assist the director of church relations throughout Eurasia and wherever else he may direct.  This will also include working with the International Lutheran Council (ILC).  Therefore, my responsibilities will be expanded to encompass not only catechetical but also church relations matters within Eurasia. My new title, starting on July 1, 2016, will be:  Area Representative of Eurasia for LCMS Church Relations

However, though my responsibilities may be expanding and my method of reporting may change, my funding will remain according to the synod’s network support model (NSM). This means that I will remain dependent on NSM and TIM support as I move from OIM into CR.  I thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support these past several years.  I also ask you to consider continuing such support into the future as I transfer to the Office of Church Relations.  You may continue to send your financial gifts to the LCMS address provided in my attached newsletter and on my website.  Simply write in the memo: “For Daniel S. Johnson, Church Relations”

Click here for the May 2016 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson added these comments to his May newsletter:

Dear supporters of Eurasia missions!

Greetings from Marshalltown, IA!

 The reason I have changed my greetings from “supporters of Baltic and Siberian missions” to simply “supporters of Eurasia missions” is because the scope of my work is slowly growing and changing.

 In March and April I lectured at a pastor's conference in Palanga, Lithuania, met with Bishop Mindaugas Sabutis and then traveled to Riga, Latvia with Dr. Darius Petkunas and Rev. James Krikava (LCMS OIM Regional Director of Eurasia) to meet with Archbishop Janis Vanags and make plans for a DOXOLOGY conference in Saldus, Latvia and Palanga, Lithuania in June.  I will also be returning for the Latvian Synod, 3-4 June, as well as DOXOLOGY, 6-10 June.

 I was also invited to lecture for a week (4 hours each day) at theological seminars of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine  (DELKU). My topic was "The Creed: How the Small Catechism teaches us about God.”  There were 25 clergy, deacons and deaconesses present for the class.  Every morning we met for Morning Prayer, conducted 2 hours of class, met for Noon Prayer, took a lunch break, met for two hours of class, prayed Evening Prayer and relaxed in the evening.  The city of Odessa is a beautiful coastal city on the Black Sea, commissioned by Catharine the Great but designed by German architects and engineers in the 18th century.

 The DELKU had previously been a part of the EKiD.  The EKiD church in Bavaria, Germany had been providing financial support to rebuild the buildings and prepare their pastors for ordination.  A new DELKU bishop was recently elected and consecrated who does not share the liberal agenda of the EkiD.  In opposition to pressure from EKiD to continue to ordain women, he has publicly stated that the ordination of women into the Holy Ministry is not only, both, unscriptural and a contradiction of good Christology, but it is contrary to God’s will for the church.  

 When Bishop Serge Mascheweski refused to continue to ordain women into DELKU, the EKiD withdrew funding and has begun legal proceedings to seize church property in Ukraine.  We will need to keep a close eye on this development as the liberal EDiK seeks to “punish” the DELKU for refusing to ordain women.  But the DELKU is not being punished only because she is refusing to ordain women, but the DELKU has also requested The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) to begin fellowship talks.  This means that the DELKU wants to be a partner church with the LCMS in both mission activity and the exchange of pulpits.  It is interesting that the current DELKU bishop, Serge Mascheweski, is a graduate of the LCMS seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (attending under the 1990’s Russian Project).

 The request for fellowship with the LCMS was first initiated by a friend of the LCMS and also Russian Project participant, Rev. Dr. Gennadij Khonin, of Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Bishop Mascheweski and Dr. Khonin were classmates while attending Concordia Theological Seminary in the mid 1990s.  They have remained friends and close colleagues and, subsequently, Dr. Khonin’s influence and contacts with Dr. Timothy Quill (Professor at CTS and Director of International Education with LCMS OIM) and Dr. Albert Collver (Assistant to the President of the LCMS and Director of Church Relations) led to a meeting in September 2015, in Odessa, Ukraine, where the LCMS agreed to begin talks leading to full church fellowship between the LCMS and DELKU.  I will keep you posted as these talks continue.

 On the attached newsletter pdf, I have posted several photos of Odessa, Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

 Even though I am presently living in Marshalltown, IA my work in Eurasia continues to expand.  Not only am I conducting more seminars and expanding my catechetical work in Eurasia, I am also being utilized by Dr. Collver to assist in matters of church relations. 

 Your continuing support, both financially and by prayer is most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Click here for the April 2016 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson added these comments to his April 2016 newsletter:


I recently returned from a three week trip to Siberia, Ukraine and Germany.  Following a weekend in the Urals visiting the congregation of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Ekaterinburg, I traveled to Novosibirsk.  In Novosibirsk (Siberia), a joint pastors conference between the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ingria (ELCI) was held.  (See my March 2016 newsletter)  After a week of lectures and meetings in Novosibirsk, Russia (Siberia), I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine.


In Ukraine, I joined Dr. Gennadij Khonin for a week of lectures on the topic of the proper division between the Law and the Gospel in preaching and pastoral care.  The lectures were well received.  There were 25 students counting 9 clergy and several deacons and deaconesses.  The bishop of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (DELKU) was a classmate of Dr. Khonin at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Bishop Serge Mascheski had invited his old classmate, Dr. Gennadij Khonin, director of the Lutheran seminary in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to travel to Ukraine and conduct a series of lectures.  Dr. Khonin invited me to assist him in these lectures. I preached at the, Friday, Evening Prayer liturgy at historic St. Paul’s church in Odessa and, also, at Sunday, Divine Service.
After a week of lectures in Odessa, Ukraine, I then flew to Germany and spent time visiting LCMS students attending the German Independent Lutheran Church (SELK) seminary before flying back to Iowa.
My next trip to Eurasia is in April when I travel to Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Germany.
Have a blessed Holy Week and Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord!
Pastor Johnson added these comments to his March newsletter:
Greetings from Novosibirsk, Russia in Siberia!
Early tomorrow morning, Sunday, 6 March, I fly from Novosibirsk, Russia to Odessa, Ukraine to conduct a 5 day seminar for pastors, with a stop in Germany before returning to Iowa.
Attached is my March 2016 newsletter.  I just finished attending a joinI pastor conference between the clergy of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI).  At the conference I spoke on the value and theological support for the use of private confession and absolution.
Continuing support for this work and my involvement in training pastors, and work as a catechist in Eurasia, through your prayers and financial gifts, are much appreciated.  Thank you!

Easter Greetings from Pastor Johnson:
Dear Friends;
 Христос воскрес!  ....Воистину воскрес!  Аллилуиа, аминь!
He is risen, …He is risen, Indeed!  Hallelujah!  Amen!
This time last year (2015) I participated in the Easter liturgy in Siberia.  In 2014, I was in Prague, Czech Republic.  In 2013 I was in Penn Hills, PA visiting congregations who have interest in supporting the LCMS OIM Eurasia Siberian and Baltic mission.  This year Amy and I we returned to the Pittsburgh area to visit our daughter and her family and get reunited with the members at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Penn Hills, PA.
I forward to you the Easter greetings sent to us from our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Siberia.
I have attached the Easter greeting delivered by Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin to his parishioners along with several photos from Siberia.
I pray that you had a blessed Feast of the Resurrection and Easter season!
Daniel S. Johnson
LCMS OIM Eurasia Catechist
Easter greetings from Biship Vsevolod Lytkin and the SELC 

Peace to you dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are glad to greet you with Easter Greetings: Khristos voskres! Christ is risen!

May we bring to your attention the words of greetings from the Easter Message 2016 of our Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin that will be read in all parishes of SELC during the Easter liturgy:

The first Easter command written in today's Gospel reading, is very short, there are only two words: “Go, tell”[Mk 16:7]. Nobody had been aware yet of the resurrection of Jesus Christ at the time, but the whole world had to know this. 

In our time of apathy, separation, and indifference this very appeal goes forth especially loud and clear: go and tell, tell not only by words, but also by works and Christian love. Following Christ has taught us that love always presupposes sacrifices. Properly speaking, love is a sacrifice. The Son of God has paid His life out of His love to us. 




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The Lords wills for us to learn from Him how to sacrifice what we have and even what we are for salvation of people, so that those who are still in darkness would recognize risen Christ, His Church and her gifts: Baptism and Eucharist, joy of salvation, and that reality that there is no more death for Christians but instead there is resurrection. 

Happy Easter, my beloved parishioners! Christ is risen!  

And we wish you blessed Easter!

“Faith and hope”,

Siberia, Center of the world :)

Please see attached photos from the Easter liturgy in Novosibirsk



Click here for the December 2015 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson added these comments to his December newsletter:

Advent greetings to you from Marshalltown, Iowa!
I mentioned in my last newsletter, sent prior to Thanksgiving Day, that I had recently returned from a trip to Lithuania, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Germany.  In this December 2015 newsletter, I write about my recent trip to Lithuania and Siberia.  Rev’d Dr.  Brian Saunders (district president of LCMS Iowa District East) traveled with me to Lithuania and Siberia. After 17 days of traveling in Lithuania and Siberia, President Saunders returned to the USA to attend a conference in Atlanta,  Georgia and I traveled, alone, to Almaty, Kazakhstan and Germany before returning to Iowa.
Your ongoing prayers and financial gifts are most important to LCMS missionaries.  Without such support we would not be able to do the work the church has called us to do.
Thank you for your generous gifts, cards and letters during this time of year and throughout the year.  
I often receive emails from recipients of my newsletters asking how my work is doing or commenting on something written in my newsletter.  I try to respond to each email individually.  However, because I am constantly traveling, it is possible that I may miss an email or two.  If I do not respond to your email, immediately, it may be due to my travel schedule. Please wait a few days for a response.  If I do not respond after a few days, please resend, or call me or call Amy at 641 328-3791

Click here for the November 2015 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson added these comments to his November newsletter:


Advent is approaching and snow has already come to Siberia and even Iowa.
I have just returned from a trip to Lithuania, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Germany.  During this trip I was asked to deliver lectures, preach, instruct pastors and visit congregations.  I will speak more on this during my next newsletter.  However, I use this email to send a short Thanksgiving Day greeting to those who pray and send financial support to encourage the work I do in Eurasia.
Your ongoing support via prayer and financial gifts is vital to the ongoing work missionaries of the LCMS are called to do.  
I thank you for such support and encouragement.  
Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart
Ps 27:14

Click here for the August/September 2015 Newsletter

Pastor Johnson had these comments attached to his August/September 2015 newsletter:

This July/August I traveled to Germany, Siberia and Prague on a four-week lecture and conference tour.
While in Germany I met informally with some students at the SELK seminary in Oberursel, Germany (SELK is the independent Lutheran Church in Germany) and discussed issues of pastoral theology.  I was also scheduled to meet with Frau Gertrude Roensch (widow to SELK pastor, seminary professor and visiting professor to LCMS seminaries, Prof. Manfred Roensch).  However, she became ill shortly before I arrived and I was unable to visit her. I did see her daughter, Eva, and son, Rutiger, at Sunday liturgy at St. Johannesgemeinde.   They passed on my wishes for her recovery and intention to meet with her on my next trip through Germany.
However, Frau Roensch went to be with her Lord two weeks later.  She was to turn 81 in September.  While we lived in Germany, she often invited Amy and me to her home for Sunday dinner.  We also regularly sat with her during liturgy on Sunday morning when we were not traveling.  She was very kind to us and spoke often about the times when her husband was a visiting professor to the St. Louis seminary.  She spoke about how hospitable the American people were to her and her husband.  She would tell us, “So… I want to pay back the kindness and show you German hospitality!”  Having had the opportunity to know and be a frequent dinner-guest of Frau Gertrude Roensch and her daughter, Eva, and son, Rutiger, was certainly a highlight of our time spent living in Germany.
Rev. Larry Beane from Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana accompanied me on my recent July/August trip.  He had traveled with me to Siberia in 2011 to lecture at the summer seminars.  Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) invited him to return for the 2015 SELC summer theological seminars.  We met at Starbucks in Frankfurt and continued to travel together until the end of the seminars in Siberia.  We lectured in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Tomsk.  Rev. Beane lectured on the Augsburg Confession and I lectured on the liturgical canticles in St. Luke and How to Pray the Catechism.  Rev. Beane is a most popular lecturer and those who had remembered him from his 2011 lecture series were eager to hear him speak again.
This year a music seminar was added to the theological seminars.  Rev. Dr. Christopher Ahlman of Leipzig, Germany was invited to give lectures, a workshop and a short recital in Novosibirsk and Tomsk.  His lectures were very well received and requests have been made for him to return for future seminars or special workshops.  The Siberian Lutherans are a very musically-talented people.  They found Dr. Ahlman’s topics to be very pertinent and interesting.
Following the seminars in Tomsk and in Novosibirsk Dr. Ahlman returned to Leipzig and Rev. Beane and I received invitations to visit various homes of the parishioners and to accompany the bishop on a home communion visit to an elderly shut-in couple.  At one home, we were offered the treat of experiencing a Russian banya (a Russian steam sauna and bath) followed by a typical Siberian feast of soup, shashlik, vegetables and various Russian salads. On one occasion we were even invited to join in on a formal Siberian toast (with real Russian vodka, of course!).  It was a delightful experience — which I always enjoy after two or three weeks of seminars and related travel!  At other Siberian homes, we were also shown Siberian hospitality with various delicious dishes and hors d’oeuvres and stimulating conversation.  
Whenever I travel to Siberia I am treated as one of them. I greatly cherish the close bonds which have nurtured over the past 16 years.  "Father Larry,” as he is called by the Siberian Lutherans, is no longer considered just a visitor.  After two visits, he is now a friend of Siberia! This is true of many others who have traveled to Siberia to visit the congregations of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church or lecture at the summer seminars.  The practice of Siberian hospitality is unique.  You simply must visit Siberia to know Siberian hospitality.  It cannot be described — it must be experienced! 
Following the seminars and our visits to experience Siberian culture, Rev. Beane flew back to Louisiana and I flew on to Prague, Czech Republic for a five-day LCMS OIM Eurasia conference.  
All of the Eurasia missionaries were invited to the conference, as well as the director of OIM, Rev. John Fale.  The conference was a good opportunity for the missionary families to meet, to discuss particular challenges and express joys of the life as a missionary.  Each missionary presented a 20 minute powerpoint, to the other missionaries, on the work they were doing in their assigned region.  Rev. Fale introduced himself to the missionaries and spoke about OIM goals, policy and strategy.  Every morning began with Matins and ended with Vespers.  Various clergy in Eurasia were called upon to preach and conduct liturgy at historic St. Michael’s Church.  Dr. Ahlman even played organ for several of the Office liturgies.  The food was good and the beer was a real treat!  Sightseeing and a river cruise were also squeezed into the week.
In the attached newsletter you will view photographs of my trip to Germany, Siberia and Prague.
Your ongoing support, by way of prayers and financial assistance, is much appreciated and needed. Even though it is less expensive to my donors for me to live in Iowa and commute to my assigned territories, than it was to live in Germany, my ongoing work in Eurasia remains dependent on donor support. I thank you!
Rev. Daniel S. Johnson
LCMS OIM Catechist to Eurasia 

Pastor Johnson had these comments attached to his May/June 2015 newsletter:

Next week on July 23, I travel to Germany and on to Siberia for the summer seminars and to Prague, Czech Republic for a LCMS OIM Eurasia missionary conference, returning to Marshalltown, Iowa on August 22.
Please pray for safe travels!
Amy and I have been relocated, by OIM, from Gelnhausen, Germany back to Marshalltown, Iowa. I will be working out of my office in Marshalltown — commuting to Siberia, the Baltics, and Central Asia, as I did when I was living in Germany.   My work has not changed nor has my need for financial support — only my mailing address and residency has changed.   
When my schedule has me in-country, I am very willing to make visits to congregations and individuals, to discuss the particulars of the mission and catechetical work in Eurasia.
I pray you are doing well and enjoying a pleasant summer. 

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Pastor Johnson comments on the September letter:
Dear supporters of Siberian and Baltic mission!
The Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church annual summer seminars were held in July and August 2014.  This was the 18th year such seminars were held.  
Rev. Alexey Streltsov and I traveled by train from the capitol of Siberia, Novosibirsk, to the city of Tuim in Khakassia (a dependent republic in south central Siberia).  From there, after three days traveling on the Trans-siberian railroad, we were delivered to the eastern Siberian city of Chita (the eastern end of the geographic territory of the SELC, east of Lake Baikal).  While in the region, we visited “house churches” in two Buryatian villages and made a shut-in visit to an elderly couple in Chita.   After our visits in “eastern Siberia," we flew west to the Ural cities of Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk and the European city of Beloretsk.  
…Only in Siberia can you fly for 5 hours and never cross a political border nor leave Siberia!
This newsletter (see attachment!) speaks about the history of the seminars and their purpose.  
You may also access the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS) newsletters and the videos on the SLMS website for further reading and documentaries on the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) and the SELC summer seminars.  [See:  http://siberianlutheranmissions.com/]
I pray you have an enjoyable and healthy September and October.

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February 2014  Newsletter

      This map relates to the February newsletter

A.  Tomsk (Where Rev. Daniel Burlakov serves as Pastor of St. Mary Lutheran Church)
B.  Aleksandrovskoye

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